Event Marketing / Advertising

Tunein New Orleans Jazz Fest

TuneIn Radio is an audio streaming service available on almost any internet connected device available and reaches an estimated 40 million listeners. Among other things they are a streaming provider for various events, the New Orleans Jazz Fest is now one of them.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival features some of the most prominent names in music alongside Louisiana’s favorite entertainers.  A wide range of genres are represented annually, this year included: Willie Nelson, The Black Keys, John Mayer, Billy Joel, Ben Harper, Hall and Oates and a lot more.

My Role

I was tasked to design an advertising campaign to run before, during and immediately after the event through the use of various marketing channels. This was the first time TuneIn would be streaming the New Orleans Jazz fest and it was important to maximize our opportunities to capitalize on the added exposure. We would need to promote the Jazz Fest live streams, pre-festival content from Jazz Fest performers and post festival playlists while increasing TuneIn’s user base and brand awareness.

The Solution

The campaign needed to be legible on drastically different screen sizes because our strategy focused on mobile and large outdoor displays. For the large outdoor screens, I designed the creative to exhibit an environment with depth where the content is the hero. A stage like presentation where the focal point was lit and everything else recedes. For the mobile display ads, I designed several design variants to A/B test. One prioritized the Jazz Festival’s brand and the other emphasized TuneIn’s brand. We also tested tactile feeling creative using shine and shading versus a flatter design.

Ads featured artists that would be performing, general New Orleans Jazz Fest branding and TuneIn branding. Digital billboards featuring attending artists promoted the live stream in high traffic, roadside locations converting drivers into listeners. The interactive campaign focused on the festival and attending artists encouraging users to listen and download the app. At the event, TuneIn branding was displayed on large digital screens.