Art Direction / Communications / Advertising

Linden Lab Second Life

Linden Lab is a pioneer in online gaming and open world, sandbox-style experiences. With Second Life they helped define concepts like virtual currency and have a unique policy that enables users to own the intellectual property rights to in-world content.

Second Life is a very important part of who Linden Lab is. It is now 14 years old and hosts a large population of users who are very passionate about the virtual world that they helped create and define. The in-world experience works in tandem with, relying on the Marketplace, Destination Guide, Community and most recently Place Pages to make purchasing, learning, communication and discovery easier. Serving an active community of over a million active accounts in this way requires constant updates to the website. As the only dedicated visual designer on the marketing team, design projects are many and vary significantly. I was responsible for projects that ranged from responsive web design to adding visual touches to presentation decks.